Strike the perfect chord with Bobby Diamond Music ...
and turn any occasion into a memorable event!

Bobby Diamond at Toscana

Turn any occasion into an event with Bobby Diamond. Whether your taste runs from classic rock, to blues, jazz or harder, edgier electric grooves Bobby hits just the right note. He has soloed with the Grant Park Symphony, played for a key Chicago business leader's birthday, and rocked out alongside Keith Richards, just to name a few. He has been called," the man of a thousand voices" by Rich Daniels of the Chicago Federation of Musicians. Name your venue and he has played it. Contact him for your next corporate event or party. Also, join our mailing list for locations and dates of his public gigs.

This singer, guitarist and composer is also available to teach private guitar lessons. Do you have an inner Clapton or Beck or B.B. King lurking within? Bobby will teach you what you need to know to play in the style of your heroes.

As if that was not enough, Bobby has just designed a line of custom guitar strings and cords that is creating a buzz. These electric guitar, brite bronze acoustic strings, and electric bass strings are a hybrid made with a synergistic blend of stainless steel, copper-bronze and nickel. The core and winding are balanced, smoother and have all of the characteristics any player could desire. They produce a rich, warm tone and are bright and articulate and yet are very affordable and long lasting. Check the RND page for more information.

Bobby Diamond in the Delta Rythm Kings

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